Donald Trump despre A Treia Doză: O operațiune de făcut bani!


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  1. legea numerelor mari
    -au creat o mortalitate falsa inducand frica pentru a justifica cheltuielile,va urma o mortalitate reala pe care sub teama vor cauta sa o ascunda
    -nevaccinatii au vremea lor de a se opune,dar vine vremea cand vaccinatii vor protesta

  2. Low Levels of Iron – Covid Agenda – Iron protects against Astral Negative Entities:

    „Being exposed to high intensity electromagnetic energy fields for prolonged periods of time will produce anemia in subjects. Especially noticeable in the frequency range above 1 GHZ and the stronger it is, the more anemia it produces.”

    „This is caused on purpose by the controllers of the plandemic for very real esoteric reasons, that is, they have a firm non-human scientific basis, because it has been known for thousands of years, that iron protects people from attacks of a paranormal nature both of entities of the lower astral as well as from interventions or abductions of non-human technological beings of a regressive nature.”

    „They reduce the amount of defense of the person reducing the amount of blood iron making them more vulnerable to all kinds of attacks from entities not of the tangible reality called 3D, or terrestrial reality. The ultraviolet light from the sun when interacting with blood iron through the skin activates the retention and generation-of-repetition properties of iron, where it stabilizes the existential frequency of the person, the auric frequency of his personal torus that serves as a protective energy shield. The lack of sunlight weakens the frequency-holding action of blood iron and increases the ability of electromagnetic waves above 1 GHZ to degrade blood iron.”

    „(Iron) stabilizes DNA because it holds the original frequency imposed on it. So it conserves memory. This because of its specific magnetic fields it produces and holds. The frequency of a living organism programs the iron in the cells, to hold a frequency. The relationship between iron and DNA is very close, it’s almost like a battery for it.”

    „we have a reason to believe they are artificially depleting iron in the human population to be able to aid the trans humanistic effects of the DNA altering Graphenite found in the vaccines.”

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