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  1. De pe site-ul lui Jim Stone:

    „COVID when read exactly as written in Hebrew the way we see it means posession by a demon
    I saw this going around and discovered it is a big topic that is 100 percent legit when I checked to see if it could be real. Most modern languages are written left to right. A lot of ancient languages are written right to left. If you spell out covid in the direction they are using on us in hebrew characters and then put it in a Hebrew sentence and read it, it will sound out as DIVOC which in hebrew means ‘posessed by a demon’.

    ‘COVID shot’ would literally read as ‘posessed by a demon shot’ in Hebrew. Perhaps that is one of the functions of this shot as many people have stated family members change after receiving it. Additionally, Satan is the top demon, and if this is the mark of the beast shot as many people fear, having it literally read as ‘posessed by a demon’ shot in hebrew provides substantial support to this notion.

    Why are things magically working out like this so often now? How likely is it to be coincidence EVERY TIME? I would say not likely at all. It is not likely to be a miss to spell this out as we see it, and have it mean ‘posessed by a demon’ as they see it. It is as if it was done on purpose. And it probably was.

    I would like to add something here that I think of and keep forgetting to post –

    If this shot commands your body to build the mark of the beast within you, and one day it starts appearing on people after the mods take full effect, you will not get it off you. If you gouge it out, your body will heal and put it right back because ‘that is what you are now’. Imagine that.”

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