Eveniment: Cartea NU VENIM DIN LATINĂ a lingvistei spaniole Carme Huertas se lansează sâmbătă în România. Răspândește vestea și vino la lansare!

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  1. PRUTUL atestat acum circa doua mii ani ca PRUTUS citit PRUTU.
    Daco-getii spuneau tot PRUTU si provine din PARAUTZ sau singular PARAU plural PARAIE adica un RAU mai mic.
    Dacii spuneau PA-RAU la RAU.dar si APA.
    In engleza RIV-ER., catalan RIU, olandeza RIVIER,irlandez SRUT, welsh AFON probabil vechi APON, in italiana FLUMINIS si FLOVIOS,si maghiara FOLYO luat de populatia maghiarizata din limba latina, sau latinii de pe teritoriul au fost maghiarizati.Se poate trage concluzia ca si alte cuvinte din latina veche au fost preluate in maghiara.
    UPA lituanian asemanator cu APA in limba romana. In limbile slave REKA si POTOC ca in greaca POTAMOS.
    Avem cuvantul romanesc SIR , in engleza STRING, in sanscrita SARA,in sarbo-bosniaca STRUNA, in greaca SEIRA, islandic STRENGUR (streang in romana),in irlandeza SREANG,suedeza STRANG, nu avem in latina, struna in poloneza ,ceh..etc, spaniola SARTA,in DEX spune ca lat. sira .Si concluzia DEX ȘIRÓI1, șiroaie,….Expr. A curge șiroaie (sau șiroi) = a curge din abundență. 2. Torent de apă care se scurge cu repeziciune ….. șuvoi. – Et. nec.
    ADICA NECUNOSCUT.Oare cineva din ministerul invatamantului nu ar trebui sa dea ordin sa se revizuiasca DEX.
    Parerea mea ca avem cel mai apropiat in limba greaca SEIRA de unde vine si cuvantul SERIE.care inseamna tot SHIR.
    Dacii cred ca spuneau SHIRA, SHIROI, SHIROAIE de apa…etc…

  2. https://www.igenea.com/en/tutankhamun
    „The caste of the greatest pharaohs belonged to the R1b lineage and they were an Iberian(Basque/Catalan)/Celtic ethnic. Their caste was the most closed in the world. The recent study from Zurich of the center of igenea genealogy of Zurich, analyzed the DNA of several pharaohs,including Tutankhamun and drew more than 96% of overlap with the genotype of iberia. The lineage of Iberian(Basque/Catalan)/Celtic origin belonging to the major pharaohs of Egypt’s history is the R1b1a2, which is only found in the current Egyptian in 1%” „The truth will set you free”- Jesus. This was the truth/secret Jesus was talking about.Revelations 2:9.3.9 and 12:9. Now DNA corroborates this.Justice.SOS.Look it up.

    Anthropological research on Wielbark Culture’s cemeteries shows, that Goths were not people of Scandinavian-Nordic look.The goths were the envied basques

    .The Basques are the original europeans

    The ancient Germans(R1b) said they came from the west(our land).The truth is out.

    In 1920, H. G. Wells referred to the original Mediterranean race as the Iberian(basque) race. He stated that the main ethnic group that most purely represented the racial stock of the true Iberian race was the Basques, and that the Basques were the descendants of the Cro-Magnons. In 1994, in his book The History and Geography of Human Genes, population geneticist L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza stated that „there is support from many sides” for the hypothesis that the Basques are the descendants of the original Cro-Magnons.In 2016 its confirmed.

    “According to [F.N.] Finck [one of the greatest authorities on comparative philology], the lesser-known languages of the prehistoric inhabitants of the Mediterranean region are distantly related to ancient Basque, and we know that the oldest Italic aboriginal tribe was called Osci, identical with Ausci and Vascones. If we take these and all the foregoing facts into account, we begin to get a picture of a worldwide complex of linguistic relationships that transcend time and space. We can see Basque, an oddity among modern European languages, as the last relic of a prehistoric world language that was spoken on both sides of the Atlantic.” — Otto H. Muck, The Secret of Atlantis, 1954

    Late Paleolithic (to 8,000 BC)
    • Homo sapiens sapiens – current type of man
    • Art (decoration of caves, bones and stones)
    • Evolution towards the Basque Type(the white man) begins
    • Homo sapiens sapiens soon divides into the racial groups which now inhabit the earth (white, yellow, black). Each group becomes the origin of the races which we now distinguish. One of them, Cro-Magnon man, evolved indigenously into the Basque group.

    • Cave of Urtiaga (Deva)- final magdalen level (end of the late Palaeolithic age) Cro-Magnon type cranium beginning to evolve into the Basque cranium. Azilian level (beginning of Mesolithic age) intermediary crania, between Cro-Magnon and Basque. The crania of the Eneolithic age are clearly Basque


    Sailors of Stonehenge: The Celestial and Atlantic Origin of Civilization


    Jose Manuel Gomez Vega delves into the mysteries of our ancestors to discover the identity of the builders of the great megalithic monuments like Stonehenge. The conclusion is devastating: the Atlanteans were the proto Iberian sailors (Basques) who planted civilization throughout the world, in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, America,etc

    Scientist and monk, Jose Manuel Gomez Vega now delves into the mysteries of our prehistoric ancestors to discover the identity of the builders of the great megalithic monuments like Stonehenge, Carnac, Avebury, Newgrange or Almendres, an intellectual adventure in which he reviews the oldest such as Jason and the Argonauts classical myths, the twelve labors of Hercules, Hyperborea, and even the legends of Atlantis and king Arthur. He also explores the cosmic roots of our ancestors, clarifies the mystery of Guanche and Basque, and ultimately we discovered the cosmic origin of Christianity and Western civilization. Mariners of stone contains more than a hundred illustrations

    „Gomez Vega has written an extraordinary book that revolutionized the history.” Gavin Menzies, author of 1421 and The Lost Empire of Atlantis
    „Frankly well written … a treasure trove of well-argued information.” -ND Wiseman, critic for The Megalithic Portal
    „A magnificent work that every student of the megalithic civilization should read carefully”. -Manel Sancho, editor of Old Civilizations’ Blog
    „The story of the exciting adventure that marked the origins of civilization.” Anna Ntinti, historian
    „Gomez Vega today is the most prominent representative of archaeoastronomy”. -Dr. Reinoud de Jonge, author of How the sungod Reached America
    „Full of original ideas … Strongly recommended.” Sergeant Eric & Mike Haigh, Northern Earth Newsletter

    The kingdom of Ulster was founded by the Caledonians(Picts)The Caledonians came to Ireland under the leadership of Partholan [Portholon] [Parthi], a „Greek”(not todays greeks) Sea-King, who is sometimes called the first King of Ireland itself, circa 1150BC. Partholan is represented in Irish Mythology as the leader of the first wave of invaders to settle in Ireland in ancient times
    „Recent dna tests have proven the Picts were closely related to the Basques of northern Spain. If it is determined some day where the Basques came from, then we will know where the Picts(the venerable Bede documented the Picts/Caledonians came from Scythia) came from also. This relationship had been suspected for some time as it was known that the two groups were uniquely non Indo-European. What is in a name? The north of Briton (today’s Scotland) was called Caledonia by the Romans” http://hal_macgregor.tripod.com/gregor/Scythia.html

    http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/…nt-celtic.html http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.phphttps://lasxtribus.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1377272712576907/

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