Lovitură pentru Wacksinnați: Curtea de Apel Bucureşti obligă Guvernul să țină cont, când va impune restricții, DOAR DE TESTE, nu de wacksinnare


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  1. „CDC Withdraws PCR Testing Protocol BUT NOT Until December 31st, 2021”

    De ce? Pentru ca:

    „Soros And Gates Are Buying UK C0VID Testing Company”


    Si care ar fi motivul? Pai acela de a implementa noile teste, care sunt de fapt NOUA METODA DE VAXX!!

    Compania se numeste Mologic. Si ca sa vedem ce se ascunde in spatele denumirii acesteia ciudate, iata ce rezulta din gematria:

    Latin, romana: valoare 600.
    cuvinte echivalente: anergie, diabolic, inger, neo-gena

    (numai din asocierea acestor termeni se pot deduce multe lucruri si se intelege ce se „studiaza” acolo…: crearea (introducerea) unei (noi) gene (nocive), pe care organismul uman sa nu o respinga, si anume gena ingerilor cazuti… Sau o interpretare mai „usurica”: modificarea genetica a organismului in asa fel incat sa nu mai raspunda la agentii patogeni, practic distrugerea sistemului imunitar natural)

    (Anergie: Lipsă de reacție a organismului la antigeni sau față de agenții nocivi. Pierdere a capacității de reacție a organismului față de antigenii unei anumite boli)

    Cabalist, engleza: valoare 765.
    cuvinte echivalente: hell-black, unnamable

    Deci, mare atentie ! Nu te lasa pacalit atunci cand adversarul se da „lovit”. Se va trece la nanocipare prin „testare”…

  2. Nanotechnology and EMP Pulses in Vaccinated People

    „According to what we investigate here, graphene is not charged with energy from any electromagnetic field, but it does become activated in the presence of the signal from such an electromagnetic communications field. This is because the nano-graphene uses or is powered by the bio-electric field of the inoculated person. Yes, it is true that they emit a code, like a cell phone ID. For us here this is not only like a car license plate in a digital form that identifies the inoculated people, but it is also a proof of the transmission of the nano-graphene with the electromagnetic communications field. What they are detecting is not just the „license plate”, but a transmission test, comparable to a TV broadcaster transmitting a color bar image with a view to transmitting a more complex image or program a little later. It is a „systems ready to go”. The nano-graphene will transmit much more data and detail when it is fully up and running. The TV stations used to transmit a signal in colored bars before starting their transmission and regular programming. Like in the 70’s and 80’s. It is a „systems ready” that the graphene transmits to let the electromagnetic field know that it is ready to receive instructions. Yes, it is a fixed number, but the data transmission of the nano-graphene is complex and dynamic when it is activated with the field. ID of the inoculate, its geolocation position, its bio-medical data in detail, environmental microphone functions (in theory video as well), status of the genetic change processes that the nano-graphene is performing inside the cells of the inoculate, and any other two-way system, receiving and transmitting. Example of this are the transmissions of Synthetic Telepathy, of two kinds of the open one, where the subject realizes and perceives it, ‘voice of god’ for example, and the one of modification and control of behavior at total level, where the subject is guided in his way of thinking, reacting, before the external stimulus, and even what he should think. This is not only dependent on nano-graphene and is not an exaggeration in any way, since this technology has already been used without the need to be inoculated.

    An example of this is the modification of human behavior and conduct by remote control, to reduce or stop street riots, or to cause them at the will of the controllers. The possibilities are vast.

    Robert: Total Farm.

    Anéeka: It is the ultimate plan, yes. It will depend on the people whether they allow it or not. On how many of them are awake, and fight for their freedom.”


    1. Un alt cuvant echivalent, ca valoare (600), cu Mologic este ‘capre’. A fost cat pe ce sa il includ in lista, pentru ca este semnificativ, dar se pare ca deja stirile o confirma… Cumva astia introduc pe ‘piata’ simboluri in asa fel incat subconstientul sa fie impregnat intr-o anumita directie, ca sa accepte ceea ce i se va da la un anumit moment. Daca privesti emblema Mologic, se vede clar ca reprezinta un cap de capra/berbec cu coarne rasucite. Ceea ce este uluitor e ca limba romana pare ca are cele mai elocvente echivalente semnificative cu ceea ce vor astia sa faca. Oare pentru ca este un limbaj ancestral ? Oare e folosita intentionat ? Nu te poti ascunde dupa cuvinte si denumiri; cumva cercul se inchide iar adevarul si intentiile ies la iveala, chiar daca incerci sa ascunzi/maschezi ceva

      Pentru cine vrea sa se joace de-a cuvintele ‘dezincrucisate’:

      O parte din cheia de decodare se afla aici:

  3. Despre noile „teste”. Text aparut azi

    „Military Departments around the World are building factories to produce billions of invasive test kits and targeted intelligent bioweapons disguised as vaccines for years 2022 through 2024.

    World ‘Banksters’ (who claim Earth is overpopulated) have been paying the Militaries around the World billions to produce silent intelligent targeted weapons of mass destruction.
    The Militaries have failed to „cook” the perfect so-called virus in Wuhan, China for the kill job (because the viral theory is not only seriously flawed but is completely false), but along comes the technocrats with their nano tech, 4G, 5G, 6G & AI Supercomputers to create the perfect intelligent targeted silent bio weapon disguised as a killer virus.
    Therefore, the invasive tests and so-called vaccines form the backbone of this silent bioweapon to deliver cytotoxic, genotoxic and magnetic toxic reduced graphene ferrous oxide to connect humans and animals to the Internet of Things (IOT) for sterilization, mind control, contact tracing and eventual human and animal assassinations to reduce the surplus population of ‘useless eaters’ as stated by Henry Kissinger.
    PLEASE Say „NO” to invasive tests and fake vaccines to block the Military Coup of Earth and the planned sterilization and depopulation of over 7.5 billion people and even billions more of animals and birds.

    As soon as a critical mass of people have been inoculated with graphene ferrous oxide (estimated at 90 percent) they will go full throttle and turn the pulsating microwave frequency up 41.3 gHz for a human quantum connection (frequency delivered from satellite, drones and/or cell towers to humans) affecting all those who have been inoculated.
    Once the quantum link is certain they can gradually push the frequency up to 60 gHz causing oxygen deprivation, pathological blood coagulation and then suffocation where people will fall over dead in 4 minutes or less.”


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